: Question anyone with a DVD based Deville/Seville Nav can answer...

Eldorado guy
12-25-12, 01:16 AM
Hey everyone,

With lots of help from N*Caddy, I just installed a DVD based navigation system in my 03 STS. The system works great and I'm very happy I went ahead and did it, however one thing that concerns me is that the DVD drive seems to run (loaded or not) whenever the interior lights come on from opening a door. The car is sitting in the garage due to a leaking sunroof right now with the windows down, so I can hear that it isn't running, but as soon as I open a door, the drive starts spinning. Is this normal, or did I not build the adapter harness correct?


12-25-12, 09:18 PM
Dan, you did discontinued the interior light wire with the adapter harness (pin E5) right?
Remember with the NAV unit the backlight dimming is controlled trough the data line. The information is available on the data line just that the regul HU doesn’t use it (is using the hardwired signal on pin E5).