: Loud squeeking noise!

12-23-12, 06:07 PM
Just got my new 2013 cts coupe with 10 kms on it and a week later theres a loud squeeking noise from the rear passenger tire , sounds like metal in metal. Weather I brake or not it does it. If I accelerate fast it stops , I drive slow It squeals again, ???

12-27-12, 02:54 PM
You know what's crazy? My 2011 started doing this one morning, a couple months ago -- but only one time. I heard the exact same thing... a "squeak, squeak, squeak" coming from a rear wheel that varied with my speed. I finally pulled over on the side of the road and examined everything. Couldn't see anything visually amiss and cautiously drove off again. The sound vanished!

I started wondering if it had made the noise other times too, but I just didn't notice since I had my radio turned up ... but no. I've never really heard it again, despite trying to listen for it.

12-27-12, 03:08 PM
.... My cts coupe is 2013 with 500kms , the sqeuking noise happened once just as you explained it and vanished a week ago.
This morning with our winter storm my STABIKITRAK sais service at dealer !!! Already !

al williams
01-05-13, 05:05 PM
My coupe with performance brakes has made a loud squealing noise four times, first when it was 800 mi. old. It sounded like a brake pad wear indicator, but louder. My noise sounded like the right rear wheel. Two of the times, backing up a couple feet cleared the noise. I finally had the good sense to record the noise on my phone and went back to the dealer to have them listen. We then put the car on the lift and looked at EVERYTHING in the back. Nothing. Then we pulled the front wheels and discs off. There were circumferential scratches on both front backing plates, looking like pieces of gravel had gotten caught between the disc and backing plate and made the noise until the gravel finally popped out. The backing plates are extremely close to the discs on these brakes. You can move the plates toward the discs with your finger and they touch the discs after the plates barely move at all. And there are cutouts in the backing plates to let the air from the brake cooling ducts reach the discs, where gravel could also find its way in between the discs and the plates. So we bent the plates away from the discs and put everything back together. It hasn't been very long, but I think the problem is solved.

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