: Now THIS is a nice custom car....

Night Wolf
12-24-04, 11:30 PM
origanal? no....

but... between this car itself (amazing) the steering/suspension... and then... the drivetrain... This is something i could picture myself doing if I had the time/skill.... and alot of money to burn :)

wow... I like it...


12-25-04, 03:55 AM
:eek: Wow! At first I thought it was some boring resto, until I scrolled down and saw the guts of that thing! Pretty frigging cool!

12-25-04, 12:17 PM
the Corvette engine kinda blew me away the same ahahah.

Night Wolf
12-25-04, 03:23 PM
with the front end of a Corvette and rear suspension from a Jag.... and the Corvette LT1 drivetrain (I would prefer manual... but I guess auto fits the car better) That car must ride, handle and drive reeeaallll nice

I'd imagine at shows you would have the people that would be disgusted that it isn't origanal, then people like me that really like it.... but what I really like about it... from the outside, and even inside, it looks origanal, even the wheels... it dosn't scream out "custom hot rod" or anything....

I think having that, and one like it, but all origanal would be a fun match :)

12-25-04, 08:09 PM
now that was a nice car. 75k though, ill never afford one. oh, well.

Night Wolf
12-25-04, 08:45 PM
lol, that car is only about a 10 minute drive from where I will be living next year

12-25-04, 11:09 PM
Damn. Thats golden!!!! What a sleeper, if he plans on racing!

Night Wolf
12-26-04, 01:14 AM
the fact it is a convertible is that much better... you never see those anymore... and imagine crusing the strip in your 1939 Cadillac with the top down on a nice sunny 78* night in FL.... then racing the guy in a new Mustange GT next to you and winning... mmmmm... I have a twisted mind :)

01-01-05, 07:02 PM
Wow that thing is clean. I love the wide whitewalls on it.