: Smoking BBQ

12-23-12, 03:36 PM
Made a deal with my wife over 6 months ago that if I didn't talk about wanting a new smoker till the end of the year that she would give me 1000 dollars to spend on one. So got just over a week left doing good anyone got food suggestions for a new smoker? I'm not new to the BBQ game but I've never gone this big before. Any suggestions?

12-23-12, 03:38 PM
Lets hope she doesnt see this thread lol!

12-23-12, 03:42 PM
Vincent has gotta point!

12-23-12, 03:57 PM
Forum is my safe place

12-23-12, 06:12 PM
Lol. Things our wives/Fiances will do to make deals. With mine, once I lose enough weight, I can buy another jeep. Lol.

12-23-12, 07:22 PM
I own a Traeger grill/smoker and LOVE it. Even my wife finds it user friendly.


My second choice would be a Big Joe from http://www.kamadojoe.com/

12-23-12, 08:34 PM
I also own a Traeger and am very happy!! There are things I wish it did better like smoke, but I'm very pleased with my choice.

12-24-12, 12:32 AM
Lol. Things our wives/Fiances will do to make deals.

Huh. Never had such a conundrum.

What type of smoker have you been looking into?

12-24-12, 12:59 PM
Only have some el cheapo smoker from Cabela's - but we do some awesome venison and beef jerky. Guy up the road welded up one from an old Weber and a 30 gallon drum...... it works.

12-24-12, 07:57 PM
I would die for smoked coho.

12-28-12, 10:34 AM
well i really want a offset smoke box with a vertical on the far side from the smoke box but the only ones im finding up her in chicago are WAYYYYYY to expensive. i should be able to find a pretty good one of those for about 700 but up here they are about 1500. im gonna go look at the ones yall posted.