: Need Help again! 8.8 cv clearance issue!

12-22-12, 08:49 PM
Ok so the passenger side cv goes in fine. The driver side not so much. It hits in two spots. One on the left side (as you are looking toward the cv) against the sub frame. The second is hitting on the head or the lower control arm bolt. Both are hitting simulanteously and not allowing the cv to pass and be installed!?

Has anyone ran into this? the fix?

I will be searching this diligently right now, since I'm kinda F*ked being a holiday weekend for any support from CS.


12-22-12, 09:27 PM
I believe you put the a les in before bolting the diff up. That way you can move the diff to get the a les through.

12-25-12, 01:35 PM
lift the diff higher then it shouild be mounted. install the ds axle and drop it into place.. this instruction is deff in the 8.8 thread i posted about it with pics