View Full Version : Bullydog GT Tuner

Chip Potts
12-21-12, 05:58 PM
I just bought a Bullydog GT Gas Tuner (model 40410) for 2003 Escalade ESV. Today I just read over the instructions and updated the software on the SD card. I am a reasonably experienced car/motorcycle wrencher but I've had to call Tech Support 3 times. The instructions for the actual hardware installation is nothing but one picture, for a $400 device this is unacceptable the second time I called Tech Support the agent was rude and suggested I just wrap a bare wire around a fuse and that should work, in other words they did not include a simple, inexpensive fuse tap. The procedure to connect the power is not detailed at all. If I am going to install an expensive electronic device I don't want to hope that I don't accidentally touch the wrong wire. I will continue to update this forum as I continue the installation and hopefully the tuner works despite the poor documentation.

12-21-12, 08:01 PM
It's a simple install and wire that this 12v on/off with the ignition. You can goto any parts store and they have an adapter that goes allows you to tap off the blade fuse. You won't screw anything up