: Software version

12-20-12, 09:28 PM
What are the current versions? Purchased my XTS in November and these are what I have.

Software. 22953975

Gracenote. 22953970

Map. 22953986

Have searched but can't find them listed.


01-03-13, 06:50 PM
Picked up my ATS on 10/23 and had the following versions.

Software: 22953975

Gracenote: 22953970

Map: 22993553

Interestingly enough i just picked up my ATS from the dealer where they installed updates for the HVAC Module, Radio Module, and Human Interface Machine Module.... however none of my version numbers have changed.

01-08-13, 10:24 PM
If version numbers are not updated when an update is installed (or did the dealer perhaps forgot to update the software, LOL), how can anyone know if their CUE is "up-to-date"? Puts more emphasis on my suggestion for proper information on such and other issues in my rather long post of 12-27-12 under


and if in future such updates can be downloaded from a website and user can update CUE software via a USB stick as indicated under


I would hope that website has those details I have asked about. But it will only work if CUE provides the appropriate information as to what software version it is running and of course that updates make those changes as to version numbers in CUE. Hopefully my car is being built this week :D as I was told early December (although it was a "tentative" date), so I can finally participate here as an "owner" of a CUE system. After waiting almost 5 months I am getting rather anxious. Of course the subsequent delivery will also take some time.