: side mirrow courtesy light help

12-18-12, 10:32 PM
I change the side morrow bulb to led and now it doesn't work. Can anyone help

12-18-12, 10:40 PM
Sometimes putting leds in those or the license plate lights will blow a fuse, I know it did it a couple of times on mine.
Sometimes you just need to turn the led bulb around.

Did both sides fail?
And does it still work if you put the regular filament bulb back?

12-18-12, 11:49 PM
Both side fail. I try the old one it doesn't work too. I have check the fuse it fine. I don't know what wrong with it. Is it just one fuse next to driver door right

12-18-12, 11:58 PM
It must be the fuse if the old bulb isn't working either.

I don't remember which fuse it is and if it's in the fuse box under the dash or the one in the engine bay.
The fuse number and location is indicated in your user's manual ... or maybe someone here knows cause I'm already in bed and too lazy to get my manual. :)

12-19-12, 09:31 AM
Is the other side working?
If so, then take the bulb out of that side and try it on the non-working side.
If the other side isn't working either, then it's gotta be a fuse.

Also, these are tricky to test because they only come on in the dark when unlocking the car.
I used to always test them out in my garage when it was rather dark outside.

12-19-12, 10:53 AM
Both side doesn't work. I tested both side last night it still doesn't work. Im not sure I got the right fuse or not

Cadillac Cust Svc
12-19-12, 01:17 PM

It is very respectable if you prefer to be a DIY. However, if you decide to take it to be looked at, please let us know. Either way keep us posted. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach Katie at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com. If you do e-mail, please include your VIN#, name, contact information, and the name of the dealership. I hope this is resolved quickly for you.

Matt, (Assisting Katie)

GM Customer Assistance

12-19-12, 06:50 PM
LED bulbs are polarity sensitive, did switch the bulb around in the same socket

12-20-12, 12:37 AM
LED bulbs are polarity sensitive, did switch the bulb around in the same socket

Yeah but since he tried to put back his stock filament bulbs and they still don't work, odds are it's the fuse.

12-20-12, 07:15 AM
Question did you remove the bulbs by hand or with a screwdriver?