View Full Version : 19 inch Tire size?

12-17-12, 04:48 PM
I have a question? I just received my True Forged wheels from Steve. 19x8.5 front 19x10 rear. I'm going to put D2s coilovers on. What size tire should I run. I'm either going with Michelin PS2 or Hankook Evos?
Thank you for any info!

12-17-12, 06:40 PM
When I bought my 19" Linea Corse wheels (same size as your True Forged), I put Michelin Pilot Sports on. 245/40-19 in front and 275/35-19 in rear. Had to get the Killernoodle trailing arms to keep from rubbing in rear, but otherwise they seem to fit perfectly.

BTW, I'm lowered about 3/4".