: Rear Quarter Glass and Lowering the Top

12-15-12, 02:42 PM
Hey guys,, I just bought a 92 Allante, its a beautiful car, the original owner said it was a snap to lower the top, so I didnt ask him to show, but, but it must be a little more difficult because I used the owners manual and its not as easy as it seems, anyway, can someone shoot me some directions, and, what about lowering the rear quarter windows, are those supposed to be electric, or manual, nothing happens when I lower the front winows, and there is no switch for the rears,,,, Thanks in advance for any help ...


12-16-12, 10:26 AM
The quarter windows are attached to the fabric top and lower as you lower the top. Best to log onto www.allante.us and post there. Or log onto www.allantesource.com and read the tutorials regarding soft top operation. Do you have manual release handles on the windshield header or 2 electric clamping motors?