: Oil spitting through PCV breather filter, 1990 Brougham 5.7

12-15-12, 02:34 PM
I was doing a general inspection recently, and noticed that the PCV breather in the air cleaner housing was saturated in oil, and the air cleaner was also quite thick with oil on that side. What could be causing this to happen? Forgive the simple question, I somehow managed to get through 7.5 years with my Brougham without having a service manual, but one is on it's way, lol. I went ahead and bought a new breather / filter & PCV valve. Do you think it's a bad PCV valve, or something else? I'm hesitant to put on the new breather until I can try to predict if it will still do it after a new PCV valve. Also wondering if I should clean my throttle body after this, thinking maybe oil made it past all the filters in some form?

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12-17-12, 03:06 PM
Wow, so this is the first time an engine has ever had this problem in history? I feel so special!

Yes, I'm a snarky ass today, but this site needs to promote the engine sections in the corresponding areas for general discussion of the cars pertaining to them. It's dead in here, and that's why everybody just posts their engine related questions in the main forum for their car. Yes, that was a rant.

12-17-12, 05:46 PM
:yawn: Oil spitting back through a PCV valve or orifice at idle or low rpm indicates excessive piston ring blowby or maybe the clean air intake tube/supply is clogged. The PCV air bleed rate is designed and factored into the idle/normal rpm range to maintain a slight vacuum in the crankcase - at high rpmn the whole system reverts and crankcase pressure bleeds off through both the dirty and clean air lines.

Your PCV "air filter" is on the clean air intake tube - oil spitting back in that tube under idle or low rpm = bad pcv valve. SOME oil wetting is perfectly normal under high rpm operation and is the reason those old fuzzy filters were replaceable - the filter is not in the clean air intake duct - it's in the outer engine air filter case, so the little thingy is used to clean the air being sucked into the crankcase.

Yes, more people need to use the dedicated engine threads. No, they don't. (Except for Northstar Performance)

12-17-12, 10:23 PM
Thanks for the quick & concise answer! :) Apologies for my mood earlier, it's frustrating when I'm trying to post in the right place, but feel like I'd get a better response posting in the RWD forum where all of the like-minded RWD lovers (my 'buddies') actually frequent.

Thanks again for the response, I'm still learning & after having lived under the hood of my 425 most of the time, the 350 is a whole different animal. Asked about cleaning the throttle body because of the excessive amount of oil the had recently accumulated on the air cleaner, just wondered how much oil carried through the air into the TB. I think it's fine though.