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12-23-04, 07:07 PM
So im comin home from work today.
What a freakin mess. Snow, freazin rain, made for a disgusting drive. Not too bad mind you, seein as it had let up by then, but still disgusting at the least.
So comin across Derry Rd by the golf course and see a car in the ditch ahead. Decide I will stop and see if the person needs a hand. :halo:
As I get closer i notice someone else has stopped and is walkin towards the vehicle. Thinkin great, two of us, might be able to push it out if they want.
Thats when I notice the other friendly guy is also drivin a lac. Not too sure but believe it may have been a Seville STS.
So now there is absolutely no doubt about pullin over.
The other guy said that the person had called someone on there cell and didnt need our help so we left.

Not much to this post.
Just the fact that two guys drivin Lacs in the same place at the same time decided to assist another motorist. :coolgleam Thought it was cool. :bouncy:

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12-23-04, 10:19 PM

Now why would you say Lame?
Thats a very odd response.

Being a Cadillac owner myself. Though because of others miss fortune.
I recieved then realized that not a car a man makes.
But sometimes a car may make a man.

Im proud of my Cadillac. And im proud to have been the one to take possesion of it from a man who was truelly a proud and caring man. A man who was truelly reliable.
He didnt own it to show off. He owned it because he loved it.
He had tried Lincolns, then again tried Cadillacs.
He chose Cadillac because he knew what was good, cause he knew what was reliable.
Because he was good.
Because he was reliable.

And thats why I decided to pull over. Because I believe that Im also a good person.
And because of the state of the world today, I feel that others need to be aware that they can STILL rely on there fellow man. They can rely on total strangers.
And the fact that it was another Lac owner that had also pulled over, made me a bit prouder because of that fact.

From the readings of the posts of the people in this forum; Ive found that the majority of them are individuals that are proud and caring. They care about the good things. They know what is good.

And they know that it is good to care about each other. Thats why they are here.
Cause they care and they want to help.

Like said....
"Caddy Guys To The Rescue"

But now makes me wonder if id even pull over to help another Lac.
Always thought that we were better than those bmwstickshiftupmyassholierthanthoughowntheroadsoge toutofmywayneedattitudeadjustmentlamers :canttalk:

But I guess Ive been proven wrong.

But remember.....
Could be your good friends neighbors wifes sisters brothers friend, that you drive by and dont give a second glance too.
And all the while shes/he has a concusion and is bleeding from the head from hitting the windshield.

But to care would be lame..........Right ? :confused:

Makes me wonder if I would want to pull over to help another Cadillac owner now. :hmm:

Actually "THAT" would be lame :worship:

Hope you have a good holiday season too.

12-23-04, 10:22 PM
Someone close this topic please. Sorry Murphy, but no one wants to hear a story where you play the AAA tow truck man coming to help someone whose car is stranded. :cool: LAME

12-23-04, 11:01 PM
HAHAHAHA HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL HO HO HO HO http://img92.exs.cx/img92/577/santa22fh.gif

12-23-04, 11:05 PM
Someone close this before it gets ugly...

12-23-04, 11:17 PM
Someone close this topic please. Sorry Murphy, but no one wants to hear a story where you play the AAA tow truck man coming to help someone whose car is stranded. :cool: LAME

Really sad to hear that some think its lame to help out others.
Dont know what kinda weather happens in Arkansas, but do know that its a good thing when you can rely on your fellow man in case its needed.

Sorry to hear that you live in such a shitty place.
Sorry to hear that the fact you own a Cadillac, and come to these boards for help from other lac owners, and still dont realize, want to help or care, about others.

Is that the spirit ? All For one and all for me ?
One and me being the same ?

Now before any goes off.........read my posts.
Im only asking questions.
Nothing personal.
Just questions :welcome:

This IS in the "Lounge" section.
I know it does say "Non Cadillac Discussions"......But the only other place would be the Politics area.
Is This Political ???
Is it going to become that way ???

Just thought it was cool that i happened to meet another Lac owner while we were both doing a good deed.
Know there's alot of us out there, but dont really see it that way that often.

Just wanted to share
In the lounge
Toastin to us all
In the lounge
Cadillacs together
Cause we care

Sit back and have your preference :drinker . Take it easy and be friendly. Tell your storys bout what you did or what you saw today.

Dont want to think that if your in a bar/lounge mindin your own ,and you over hear a story some ones tellin over there that you'd jump in and tell him he's "lame".

Personally Id just go on with my business.
Personally I dont give a crap what the others have to say at the other table (or the end of the table for that matter) in the lounge.
If the conversation doesnt interest me, then I would carry on a conversation with those that does. Wouldnt even get into it.

Really dont see any reason to intentionally start something. Why ruin the party for everyone else.
Got better things to do.

Being a good person
Enjoying life
Knowing its a good thing
Cherishing my family and friends
Helping them if I can
And doing the same for others :welcome:

Then sharing that in the Forums with those that also want to share.
Just so happens that I drive a Cadillac. So just so happens that Im in this forum. What a F#n koinkydink eh !

So share I do in these forums. So share i do In this lounge.

Is this "LAME" too..............Its also about caring and stuff, so thought Id ask. Thinkin bout gettin a real perspective on what kind of individuals I "MAY" be wasting my time with.
Member....Just questions :hide: Not getting personal here:http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25996

12-23-04, 11:21 PM
N00bs. :rolleyes:

12-24-04, 12:20 AM
Someone close this before it gets ugly...

Nothing ugly on my end.
Have seen your sig, and read it over more than a few times lately.
Its nice
Its been in my head for years. Probably since the first I'd heard it.

'sall I was sayin
Was all I meant
Was all that happened.

The fact that the two of us that decided to stop and help were both drivin Lacs................

Well Im here in this forum and thought that I would share.
Cadillac forum right
People helpin people right

Made me happy
Made me feel good
Made me want to share that good feeling.

Original post gave no reason for "ugly".

"Live And Let Die" :coolgleam

And all "Zepplin". :bighead:

And every other band that was original......."ORIGINAL"

That said something. And did it first.
Did it clean
Did there own :banghead:

Still wating for the next one.
Not the new age boys or some fartsy tartsy little dont play an instrument kinda pull em all in and make the coin "bands" ?
Are they really bands ?? :hmm:
Do they play any instruments? Or is it just who they happen to hire to back them up ?

I trulley believe its not done and gone. Im grasping at that straw.
Zep, Floyd, Sabb, Tryump, Deep Prlp, A box of freakin frogs.

Musicians !! All in there own; right!!

Gotta stop now.Believe this should be another thread ??
So should put in the same area? "Non Cadillac Disscusions". Where we are now ??

Nottin ugly from here.
Just in the "lounge".
Love your sig. Always will :coolgleam

Thats all it is
"Just Imagine"

12-24-04, 12:23 AM
:hmm: :welcome:

12-24-04, 12:40 AM
:hmm: :welcome:

So whats for the tenth day ?


Was my wife that came up with the 7-teen thing. Like for the seventh day.
Thought that was so F$%n lent.

Glad your on board man.
Kinda wierd.
Kinda sad.

Did you do a search on me and decide to throw in the lame word onto that too

Yeh Close It.

Would be nice though if the mods/Mins could do then maybe work with the newer Lac 12 days of X-Mas

**** it new thresady6tgrhgbfd

12-24-04, 01:44 AM
Did you do a search on me and decide to throw in the lame word onto that too

No i didn't do a search..
i didn't mean to get you all butt hurt i am sorry if i did.. :thumbsup:

12-24-04, 01:53 AM
No i didn't do a search..
i didn't mean to get you all butt hurt i am sorry if i did.. :thumbsup:

'sall good good. No and never was probs here

12-24-04, 02:29 AM
Reminds me of the time I was getting to the car and this guy who had a BMW couldn't figure out how to get a spare tire on with his girlfriend standing there. She looked good to. Well I intended to say, do you have all the parts you need but I ended up saying do you need any help. probably pissed him off with his g/f there :histeric:

I respect Murphyg for what he did :thumbsup:

12-24-04, 08:04 AM
Me and my friends dad love to pull out retarded people who can't drive in snow. The best, me rollin up in my blazer and pulling out a car full of hot girls. mmmm, good times.....

12-25-04, 12:33 AM
Hehe this reminds me of a few stories of the "nation of cars",

My dad was driving my caddy and saw another caddy owner, they both exchanged glances and then the other guy started hooting at my dad because we had the same model, everyone in the parking lot was staring wondering "what the heck is their problem?"

Another time with my dad, he was in his '85 Buick Wagon and saw another old station wagon owner, both in great shape and they met at a stop light. Exchanged glances and then the other driver gave my dad the thumbs up (lol old guys) and laughed as they drove away.

lol yeah Braczyk some people just don't know how to drive in winter. Like when B.C., a warm province gets hit by snow, they shut EVERYTHING down and there are pileups everywhere. Here in Alberta...we drive through mountains!

oh btw, if you pull your blazer card once more...I outta... :want:

12-25-04, 09:33 AM
You probably could pull it out if it got stuck, your car has a good thousand pounds on mine.