: Zano Bro's versus Cilajet

12-15-12, 11:11 AM
Sorry if this is a repeat post. I made an effort to search, but did not come up with anything. My local Cadillac dealer is pimping some fancy "wax" stuff called Cilajet. Anybody heard of this before?

Feel free to look at the website, it is coined as "aviation grade" and references some Boeing Aircraft specification. Www.cilajet.com.

I've used Zano for years and like the stuff, but the kicker for the Cilajet is that it is guaranteed for 10 years. They have a car in the showroom with the product applied, and it is impressive. Also if I do not need to wax my car multiple times a year, the $800 installed price is not so bad.

They have a link to an episode of Jay Leno's garage with them applying it. Not a huge endorsement from Jay, but not a flame job either.

Call me Mr. Skeptical, but is this too good to be true?