: Cadillac not responsive to CUE problems

12-15-12, 07:37 AM
Have had my 2013 SRX for about 3 weeks now and been going back and forth with representatives of Cadillac via the CUE hotline over issues with my system. Not having much luck getting a response from them or even the sense that they care that problems exist.

My problem concerns iPod playback.

I have a Classic Apple iPod 160GB. Worked fine in my 2010 SRX. However, under CUE, it's having problems playing back the correct song.

I have 7,000 songs in my iPod library. Multiple playlists.

I go to any playlist, select a song, and a different one plays.

So, for instance, if I go to my BILLY JOEL playlist and select PIANO MAN, it will play ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG.

Scrolling down the main/non-playlist list of songs also gives the same result: select one song, another plays.

Have called Cadillac about this problem. They have no solution. We agreed to stay in touch email about the problem, but they have become totally unresponsive when asked how they plan to fix this bug. Have even asked if I should go ahead and replace my entire head unit for another, and they have offered no response.

There are other bugs that exist with CUE. If you are listening to the iPod and select a radio station from your favorites bar, the radio station will play but the screen will stay on iPod, thus not enabling you to receive any radio title information.

I am very unhappy that Cadillac includes a system like CUE in their luxury vehicles without making certain that these kind of bugs are not worked out. Even more unhappy that when you try to get some sort of resolution from their team, they suddenly become unresponsive. This is not the kind of customer care I expected from this brand.