: 67-68 Deville owners... I could use a core support picture

12-13-12, 11:18 AM
Hello all.. I'm reinstalling my radiator core support on my 68 deville and cannot find my hardware for mounting the end of the core suppor to the frame.... I would be greatful to see how yours is mounted.. The core support mounts under the radiator in the center with a big bushing... also....seemingly bushings on each end as well.... With my center bushing installed the support raises about a half inch on each end... seems ready for my mia bushings.....I failed in taking good photos of how this goes back...

Many many thanks..


12-13-12, 04:49 PM
Wow, must be fun! That's my favorite year, you must be having a blast fixing it up. Can you post some pics?

12-14-12, 12:28 PM
My 67 CdV has the driveline and radiator removed, so I'll go to its storage place and take a few photos. It is Arctic Blue, which, in addition to Kashmir Ivory, are my fave colors for those years. I remember seeing my first CdV exactly like it, as a kid traveling the L.A. freeways for the first time. It pulled up the entrance ramp, paused beside us on the right, then like a ghosst of Elvis, pulled away into the night. Gave me goosebumples, I say. . . .

01-20-13, 03:10 PM
Say Longear--do you still need a photo? I went to open the hood, and it wanted to come off--I forgot it wasn't attached, and need a hand (which, at the moment, I didn't have) to lift it. Will do so, if it will help you, though.