: 76 Fleetwood differential upgrade to posi traction

Miklo II
12-13-12, 12:37 AM
Like the title says, im looking to swap the rear out with a posi. I researched a bit and read that an 8.5 inch from a 80s-early 90s caprice will bolt right in. Is this true? If so what needs to be modified? If not, what cars/trucks with positraction will bolt up to a 76 chassis? And if there isnt any what are my options? Any help is appreciated.

12-22-12, 08:32 AM
I would think that finding a '76 Cadillac so equipped in the wrecking yard would be the easier route and best fit. These are indicated by a sticker on the inside of the trunk lid warning service personnel that the car is so equipped.

Miklo II
01-28-13, 08:38 PM
^^^^ Um not many of these cars can be found at the bone yard down here in AZ. And the one specific i know of is hella expensive. Didnt see any Cadillacs last time i was there. Come to find out Cadillacs with the 8.875 12 bolt differentials are actually TRUCK rear ends.:annoyed: Got under the car and took a pic and it looked just like this one:


And would you look at that at the bottom of the page LockRight sells one for just under $300.
Gonna definitely give this a shot.