: Help Using Upac for Ipod

12-13-12, 12:17 AM
I installed the Upac for my Ipod in a 2011 STS with nav. It gets recognized ok and I push on the second preset and see plist, or artist or album ect. I just want to pick a plist and have it start playing that list I choose and shuffle the songs, but I cannot get that far. I don't have a nav. book so I don't get a lot of the regular functions anyway (like A B C button, is that a way to change the preset menus a-g? why are there so many)? Can someone explain how I go about using the touch functions and the steering wheel functions for complete control of the ipod? the included instructions are terrible. also I somehow should be seeing arrow keys but they have not appeared either.
If I leave the Ipod hooked up with the car off will the battery drain?

12-13-12, 07:27 PM
I had my iTouch in the car for years with no issues. I've got Nav and control is through my tuning knob & display.

The iPod screen doesn't come up on the Nav, it's a uPAC screen showing your groups, etc.

12-14-12, 07:33 PM
Now I can't even get to the plist or any other menu. the only change is with the tune knob up one or down one by rotating the knob left or right. when fm radio is on, it displays a clock, scan, info, category, and abc button down the right hand side. when I press the xm radio button, only clock, scan and abc buttons show.
I called upac and have yet to correct this problem. they had me reset the module and that hasn't worked. one tech told me I could reset the radio to factory settings but I don't know how? any suggestions? the xm presets are in the "B" menu of A-G and read wx10, wx14, wx10, wx10, wx10. when pushed it shows the preset wx number in the ch _ _ location then goes back to the ch _ _ displayed with no change what so ever to any settings.