: Why cant i Find anything about 99 Fleetwood( for sale but i need advice)

12-12-12, 01:35 PM
Ok so i have 99 fleetwood cadillac and i cant find anything about its worth really. I want to sell it really bad...its not my style its not too appropriate for a 23 year old :) but i wanna make sure to get its value and not get scammed by trading it in or just to be a backyard deco...and makes sure it goes to someone who will take care of it. Any help would be great. Thanks Guys :)

12-12-12, 02:34 PM

Best info available on these is right there

12-12-12, 08:49 PM
thanks I already read that info it was very helpful but it didnt necessarily establish a clue on what i should sell the car for? I'm about to say screw it and sell it for 1000 for if i trade it in they'll only give me a couple hundred and nobody wants the big Cadillac unless there caddi lovers but yes anyways thanks for your time :)

12-13-12, 09:45 AM
you can use kbb.com (or another site like that) and just choose deville since they won't have the fleetwood listed

then add a little bit of extra for it being a custom coach built vehicle