: Complete bog down on acceleration when warm, wants to die.

12-12-12, 01:24 PM
1992 SDV 4.9 Liter.

Recent plugs, wires, cap & rotor.

New O2 sensor last week.

Just started to act up (or down!) yesterday. 50 miles into a trip to Lake Tahoe from Southern California on the Freeway the engine would near die when the throttle was pushed. It would cruise but no acceleration at speed. Let up on the throttle and it would be "fine".

Turned around and made it home. Stopped for groceries just before home and let it sit for 30-45 minutes, Drove 2 miles home from the grocery store no problem, mash the pedal and it goes!

Pulled codes

F47 (the A/C hasn't worked since I bought the car in January of '12, this year.)

The service engine light was on intermittently for the past two months and the old O2 sensor was stuck reading lean. It was dumping fuel and the gas mileage fell off a cliff. Replaced O2 sensor last week, gas mileage went back to normal [14.6 city, 22-23 highway], no change in performance which was great, lots of power. Now the service engine light is on constantly.

So, cold the engine will pull the car beautifully, warm it will not. Any ideas?

Just to throw out some other info to add to the general knowledge data base on the '92 SDV...not that that is related to the current bogging...

First drive in the car after purchasing was to fuel up. First right turn and the car wanted to die. Since then it's only been driven with less than 12 gallons in the tank once and the same thing, wants to stall on right turns.

12-14-12, 10:50 PM
Verify fuel pressure is at spec. I'm thinking a weak fuel pump or the hose joining the pump to the sender has a split in it. If pressure is normal, remove the sender/pump from the tank and inspect that hose. You haven't mentioned which codes are current or history. Current codes display 3 times, history, twice. Erase all the codes and drive it till the light comes back. Then pull the codes again. You should have one current code and one a/c history code. Post back with the codes and their definitions.

02-01-13, 07:00 PM
Replaced fuel filter, no more stalling on right turns and no more bogging on acceleration.

02-01-13, 08:52 PM