: 3.0L warm-up

12-11-12, 11:13 PM
Wondering about others' thoughts of how well the 3.0L engine warms up in the winter. The block heater doesn't function above zero degrees, and we find that the SRX just isn't at acceptable temps by the time the 20 minute limit expires; the windshield isn't close to being clear at times, and the interior is quite cold.

If anyone has had experience with both, is the 3.6L any better in this regard?

12-12-12, 06:24 AM
Just like every other engine out there, the SRX's 3.0L needs time to actually warm up. I have noticed the 3.0L is actually one of the fastest engines at warming up. Also, depending on your HVAC settings, the heater won't blow any air until the engine reaches a certain temperature.

In my opinion the 3.0L is one of the best engines for warm up time, and i'm constantly in -20*C and below temps. The last two days were -25*C and below going to and from work, and while it sits in a heated garage at home, she sat for 11 hours in the cold (i didn't even plug in or command start) before coming back home. The heated seat keeps me warm till the engine reaches a temperature to blow heat.

Also, driving increases engine heat WAY faster than idling.

Cadillac Cust Svc
12-12-12, 02:17 PM
Carbeck, I'm happy to see forum members already replying with their input! If you would like me to check my GM resources for any helpful information on the subject of engine warm ups, then please send me an email with the last eight of your VIN and I can investigate for you. I'm reachable at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com!

Cadillac Customer Service

12-15-12, 08:16 PM
Katie and Captain, thank you for your comments. Ironically, we just had the cabin air filter replaced at its 25,000 mile interview, and while we can't be certain since the weather has been a little warmer, the SRX's heat seems to be working better during the remote start runs. We will see how it goes from here...