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12-11-12, 01:12 PM
At work this morning (I work in the loan department of a bank) I was working with some old consumer car loans. Four of these loans were in the name of the same gentleman. Between the four loans I was looking at there was roughly (doing it in my head now) $1,750,000 dollars worth of cars. Including a 1933 Cadillac V16 Victoria Convertible and a 1933 Marmon Sixteen Convertible. There was also a 193x Pierce Arrow and 1956 Mercedes 300SC. I did a little digging and I was able to track down the Cadillac and Marmon. I thought I would share the Cadillac, found the page was still up on RM Auctions website.

Some of you guys should appreciate this Cadillac. The history behind it is very interesting. One time period I love to learn about in Cadillac's history is the 1930's. While so many people were suffering during the depression Cadillac was rolling out these beauties. Irony...or something. But I'm sure whoever was driving Cadillac's around in the 30's was ducking the occasional brick and rock coming through their window. It makes me think of how in this day and age people are confused on or debating over what a Cadillac should be, or currently is. There was no room for that in the 1930's. There was no debate over what a Cadillac was. Their cars were the epitome of excess, luxury, and status, and they damn well rubbed it in your face. Also makes me think of Packard. They built some gorgeous cars in the 1930's.

Here's the Cadi. The text portion was filed in with the loan, so I got an interesting read at work.

For those interested, here's a write up on the Marmon Sixteen. After double checking my history, Marmon did go out of business in 1933. Which probably explains why this car's loan amount was $654,000 dollars. Ka-ching.


Enjoy and get a paper towel for your drool. :bighead:

12-11-12, 01:23 PM
Doesn't your bank train you on the necessity of "customer confidentiality?" I am astounded that you would, without any trepidation, talk about a customer of your bank's private and confidential information. I quess the incompetence of and disregard for rules and regulations among banks runs far deeper than the higher paid executives at the the top levels!

12-11-12, 04:08 PM
He didn't share any of the customer's personal information, so I think KN's good.

DANM that is a nice Caddy! Thanks for sharing!!

cadillac kevin
12-11-12, 04:12 PM
He didn't share any of the customer's personal information, so I think KN's good.

DANM that is a nice Caddy! Thanks for sharing!!

He said his name.

12-11-12, 05:29 PM
too much information....

12-11-12, 10:46 PM
With regard to "ducking the occasional brick and rock", there were few such worries then. Those were civilized times, nothing close to the devolution evidenced in today's society.