: a couple of questions for the experts

12-23-04, 04:29 AM
i wanted to ask u a couple questions
the on board OBD-2 is throwing me these codes what do they mean P1571-b1552-b2711-c1233-c1277 are current-b3108 is in history

i know the RF wheels speed sensor is cut traction control light was on before the sensor was cut and i just changed the cv joints a couple months ago.the and the boot is already destroyed im guessing its the motor mount thats shifting it out of place

the other day i was driving i herd a noise and now my car doesnt want to turn left i can force it but it acts like it has no powersteering fluid..it turns right with no problem and the powerstearing fluid is not leaking and is full...thanx and welcome again to the club....I LOVE MY CADILLAC

12-23-04, 09:38 AM
Try this link, scroll down to the bottom for obd II codes:http://myweb.accessus.net/~090/resources-cad.html#main.
Good luck! Thanks for joining the forum>