: First MOT

12-10-12, 07:02 AM
Well, my BLS went in for its first MOT today at a local garage, one week early than its registration date.

Good news, it passed without any advisories or issues whatsoever. Emissions are so clean, it barely registered on the test equipment. Then again, it has only just covered 24500 miles from 'new' and has had three oil changes over each of the three services since 2010.

I think the Cadillac servicing has paid off and again, my thanks get directed toward the service centre at Milton Keynes, they have been worth the 180 mile round trip. At least with one week left to go on warranty, no issues have been identified. Next major job, cambelt and waterpump change at 40,000 miles.

12-10-12, 07:50 AM
Good to hear about your experience

12-10-12, 09:41 AM
as long as the BLS is serviced correctly I think it will last for years to come, it comes from excellent stock.

I want to know when the ATS is coming tot he UK, that would be my next choice in car

12-20-12, 03:44 PM
My MOT is not due until end of Jan but I have just had 3rd service carried out within the warranty period which commenced 07/01/10.Serviced at Milton Keynes and no problems discovered.However the service indicator showed 44%(up from 9%)on my return journey.Not checked today.ExRP01-did yours read 100%.Re ATS,Milton Keynes said they are only LHD at the moment so I guess a very long wait,if ever.

12-20-12, 07:02 PM
I had my 9-3 service recently and noticed the same 44% I quized the garage next day and they said it's down to the on board system it works it out and it s down to the style of driving

12-21-12, 06:11 AM
S70RMP-Thanks for the information.That`s a relief.I will now forget about the service indicator for another year.

12-21-12, 09:54 AM
I checked mine this morning and I've done a few hundred miles of motorway driving recently and it's up to 45% now !!!!

12-21-12, 10:50 AM
Mazuk, sorry, been away for a couple of days, so only just read the thread.

Tbh, I didn't look at the service indicator after it was last serviced at MK. I guess all I was interested in at the time, was making sure the car was serviced and moreso, that they hooked it up to Tech2 to see if there were any updates which they assured me that there hadn't been since updates were applied by Bauer Millett back in 2010.

Just completed another 500 mile round trip in the Caddy with winter wheels fitted (Continental 215/55/16 97 XL) on Vauxhall steel rims and the car is handling brilliantly in the wet weather, soooo much better than my old tired Pirellis (originals, well, the fronts anyway, are now due for replacement). MPG appears unaffected and considering the Contis currently have 8.5mm of tread on them all round, I thought there might be a bit of drag but the road noise is surprisingly quiet and the car returned approx 50mpg for the whole trip, so I can't complain. Currently done 530 odd miles on a full tank so far with about 90 miles left showing to empty.

Anyway, my warranty has now expired, so I'm on me own! Thank goodness I have the choice of using some Vauxhall/Saab/Fiat parts for mechanicals when stuff wears out!
My Vauxhall Vectra brake pads were worth the buy at 16 quid a set!

01-11-13, 10:07 AM
My BLS passed its first MOT today at 28000 miles.No problems.However garage also carried out a health check.They suggested air con needed attention as not running as cold as it should be.Who cares about cold aircon in Winter.I will leave this until Summer.I guess there are about another ten Motorpoint BLS s being Mot at this time.

01-12-13, 11:05 AM
Mazuk, good, glad to read all is ok. They never mentioned about aircon to me, so I'm assuming it was ok. Certainly, it runs cold when it needs to!

I didn't buy my BLS from Motorpoint. I think you probably paid about a grand less than I paid for mine. When I was looking to buy my own BLS, I'd read too many stories of vehicles only being supplied with one key, no owners manual etc etc. The place I got mine from, came through an authorised Caddy dealer, two keys, all paperwork and zero fuss. Anyway, in a few weeks time, that'll have been three years whipped by, just like that! Only done 25300 miles and loving it.