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12-09-12, 06:51 PM
im putting a open air filter on my brougham. ive seen 100 posts on this site about it but cant seem to find out what to do with the silver hose that connects to the snorkle off of the air cleaner housing. i think something to do with the thermac? it is a silver hose on the bottom of the snorkle w/ a a cap on the top. just remove the snorkle and leave the hose hanging around under the hood? or do i block it or maybe put a seperate filter on it.

As far as the other two line coming off the left and right side of the air cleaner housing; From my understanding just throw some breathers on them? or maybe get rid of the hoses and put the breather on the nipples.


its a 1988 cadillac brougham. 5.0 307

01-05-13, 11:03 AM
It's not that easy. You can leave the silver paper hose off the car, no harm, it just transfers heat from the exhaust to the snorkle. One of the other two hoses lets the engine vent vapors to the filter and I guess you could stick a breather into the valve cover if there's room but the other lets air into the air cleaner from the smog pump. That hose left disconnected would make a lot of noise on deceleration. The same result would be to simply reinstall the stock air filter lid back on upside down and chrome it! An open air filter on a street driven car is for looks only. No measurable performance value only manly bragging rights and neat noises on acceleration. . Depending on where you live, it could fail a smog test with an aftermarket air filter.