View Full Version : Exterior handle replacement

12-09-12, 02:59 PM
Here is link I used
Easy fix for the CHEAP PLASTIC GM door handles. All you need is a ratchet with extension,10mm socket, and a flat head screwdriver. First pic is of the panel off second pic shows the location of the door handle bolts, one one visible. Next pic is the other bolt that is visible through hole, you need to take rubber plug off to see it. You need to detach wire from orange clip. This shows the Part# for the front right door. It takes 10 minutes to remove and 10 minutes to put back. Dealer wants to charge $300 to do this....$60 handle even cheaper if you find a good used one or aftermarket on eBay. I got one from a 2011 donor truck $35 :):cool2:

12-09-12, 09:09 PM
I heard GM redesigned the outside handles and are now much more durable. If and when mine fail I will probably use an after market billet aluminium handle. Thanks for posting though!!!