: Using the OnStar App on a Base SRX

Marc NY
12-09-12, 08:38 AM
I have a friend who just bought a 2012 Base SRX and has asked me if he could download the OnStar app and use his iPhone to remotely start up his SRX. Since the remote starter didn't come standard with that package he is wondering if he would need to buy a starter module from the dealer in order for him to use the OnStar App to be able to remotely start up his SRX?

I don't know if he can use the OnStar App without first actually having to install a starter module and or purchase a remote key-fob that would allow him to start-up his vehicle. *I told him to give OnStar a call to find out what, if anything, he can do. So ... does anyone know if the OnStar App is capable of remotely starting up his vehicle without the factory starter option already installed? If that doesn't work out for him maybe he can buy just the starter module from the dealer and have them install it or will he have to also buy the key fob as well?


Marc NY
12-09-12, 04:33 PM
UPDATE: My friend called me back to tell me that he just talked to an OnStar advisor and they told him that unless the vehicle has the remote start feature on it already that the OnStar App will not be able to remotely start his vehicle. Honestly, I had thought that would be the case. However, he told me he was hoping that if OnStar was able to unlock vehicle doors and also slow down a vehicle if it were stolen he thought that perhaps he would also be able to startup his vehicle too.

He said he will definitely call the dealership tomorrow to check with the dealer to see if they will be able to install a factory remote starter on it as a GM accessory. He really likes his beautiful Raven SRX but he admitted he had forgot to ask about that particular option when was purchasing his SRX.

Marc NY
12-10-12, 08:39 AM
This morning I decided to call the parts department at my local dealership to see if the SRX base model can have the factory remote starter installed in it. The parts serviceman said if my friend had purchased a new ATS he could have that option installed after the fact because some GM vehicles are already pre-wired from the factory for that option. Unfortunately, the SRX is one model that doesn't come pre-wired from the factory. I will have to inform my friend that he will not be able to install the GM factory remote starter in his new SRX. :(

OnStar Advisor
12-10-12, 03:05 PM
Hi Marc NY,

You are correct. In order for OnStar to make conenction to the remote start feature it must be factory installed, but the other features like the door unlock would still work through the RemoteLink app. If you or your friend have any other questions just press the OnStar button or call 1-888-4ONSTAR.

-Jessica, OnStar Advisor
Social Media Team