: Texas and Missouri-isms

12-09-12, 01:41 AM

Some of these idioms make sense, like "He was tall enough to stand flat-footed and screw a flying buzzard" or "Slow as molasses in January"

But saying "go piss up a rope" as a way of telling someone off is baffling.

These tend to be used in rural parts of the state while St Louis and Kansas City use Chicago dialects (by which I mean entirely plain spoken). Over time, they've quietly disappeared due to the influence of mass media. The Missouri accent, a harsher twang than what you might hear in Georgia or Texas, is fading as well.

Texans have noticed the same:

12-09-12, 08:26 AM
Go piss up a rope makes sense in the way that I guess it'd leak back down on the urinator :histeric:

The accent may be disappearin', but some of the sayings are still around, even if they're the simple ones. My supervisor, the Hall director, is a new guy this year, and he's from Texas. While there's no accent, there is definitely the Y'ALL! :D

12-09-12, 04:43 PM
Ya'll watch too much TV. That's a bunch of BS that that language is common in Texas. What us Texans hear from yankees is they say come on you guys. When a Texan hears someone says you guys we assume they are gay. And why do northerers forget to pronounce the letter R in words. I have heard them say let's get into the caaa and go to the baaa. Or I want a candy baaa. I was in Virginia working and heard these 3 waitresses commenting on another man, they kept saying about the man, he sure is a handy gadget, over and over. Texas is 1000 miles wide so don't think we are all the same.


thank you kindly was probably taken from Festus on the Gunsmoke TV show. I have only heard that on westerns. Thank you kndly is being overly polite, they want you to come beck to their store or to visit. It is true some Texans become more Texas when out of state. I worked at power plants shutdowns out of state and saw people fromTexas dressed and talking more Texan than ever before. Texans have always been known for being polite.

12-09-12, 05:03 PM
To say there aren't accents in Texas is about as accurate as saying there is no booze in Long Island Iced Tea!

12-09-12, 05:49 PM
There are different accents everywhere. Some people up noth have the Fran Dresser nasal accent you never hear in the south. Go to Louisiana if you want to hear a French cajun accent. yous guys is about the same as ya'll, ya'll means you all or all of you people. you guys just sounds gayish to Texans. It does make us smile and laugh though.

cadillac kevin
12-09-12, 06:02 PM
Here in missouri, there's generally 2 accents....the urban parts and the hoosiery parts.
The hoosiery parts that say "missuruh...chivy camero/ camerah....crick...etc" with a bit of an arkansas twang (although not all arkansas people have that accent).
Then there's the more urban areas where people talk normally (alot of people say we have no accent)...we say "missouri...chevy camaro...creek...etc."