View Full Version : NEED 99 Seville STS parts

12-08-12, 06:42 AM
Please if you know some were to get the parts attach linkwhen responding

looking for chrome grill, chrome molding, hid kit with bulbs, 20 " chrome rims with black lip, supercharger, manual 6 speed trans if possible.
Also i have sts chrome rims for sale soon MAKE OFFER

If you could help email me at highcalibercomputers@gmail.com

12-08-12, 10:25 AM
You can remove the "supercharger" and manual transmission from the list right now. Believe it.

12-08-12, 12:14 PM
Chrome grill ?

12-08-12, 12:39 PM
Re-post this question in the Seville/Eldorado Forum with a title something like "1999 STS aftermarket grille and moldings ?". Leave out the supercharger and 6-speed or you'll get run out of town on a rail. (Do some homework in Engines: Northstar Performance and in the stickys there for additional insight.....)

Hold on - I see the problem here - You posted in the 2005+ STS Sigma body ads - your car is a Seville. (A real Seville Touring Sedan, not the later phony)