: 08 1sF 50k miles Pearl White not for me.

12-07-12, 04:18 PM
A friend has a 50,000 mile 2008 STS 1SF White Diamond up for grabs. He wants $21k and is at least $4k more then I would dream of paying. Said he paid $50k in 2010. (Doubt it). I would only gain 2 years on my STS, which sits outside and is a driver. The deal is not for me. There are so many ways to purchase a car; I prefer to write a check. It's all about depreciation on Cadillacís, and who is going to absorb it; the dealer (not likely), the seller, or me. It ain't going to be me. A cash deal, negotiations must include a take-away, or a walk away to find the bottom-line. Cars are easy to find, money isnít. I avoid buying from people I know, because I've been screwed before. The cost per mile on a cash deal saves more money then can be imagined. For example, I buy the 08 for $18k, drive it until Dec, 2016, and sell it for $10k. Thatís $8k in 48 months, which comes to $166.month. Throw in $100. Monthly maintenance and cost of ownership is now $266 a month. A 50,000 mile 5 year old car is going to be risky, due to warranty running out. I will roll the dice every time, but I would never buy one with more than 40k miles. The real money savings multiply as you put more miles on it. If I sell it for only $5k with heavy mileage, my monthly cost is $370. $270+$100.

Take the worse case scenario; selling the car in 2016 for $5k. $13000. Invested in 4 yrs with unlimited miles. Where and how would you get a better return on your money, considering that you HAVE to drive something? I save about $300 a month over a 2012-13 on this scenario which comes out to $14,400. I am driving for free compared to driving a new one off the lot, plus I pocket the net ($5,000).

Your comments and thoughts appreciated

12-07-12, 04:45 PM
Wow. Usually around here anyway, the greater than 20k market is reserved more for a 2011 with 35k miles. He's def asking to much

12-07-12, 05:54 PM
The Dealers would give about $ 15,000 cash. Let your buddy take the hit. Danny

12-08-12, 04:22 PM
Usedto sell cars and I would never buy a new Caddy!I currently own a 2000 Deville that I paid $6500 for with 58000 miles on the clock almost 3 years ago.I have put about $2500 into it and am Going to replace it next year.My 2005 STS cost me $13300 and I have not put anything into it yet.Only has 39000 miles and only problem is the rear windows won't work.Probably a switch!Since I only drive it so little and only with me in it I am not even worried about it.I stopped at Massey North Caddy in Orlando the other day to get some touch up paint<They Gave It To Me No Charge!>and was looking at the new stuff.$40K and up for a CTS and into the 50s for the new XTS.My cost per year would be astronomical for these not including the finance costs.
Give me a clean low mileage one any day!

12-14-12, 02:31 PM
My 2006 STS 1SG V-8 now has over 70K miles. I bought it with a new title after the model year closed (actual build date is Oct 2005 and I bought it May 1, 2007) and my costs have been oil, filter and coolant every two years (I change coolant because we still have a Northstar here). Brakes once all around, and third set of tires. The car looks like new, driven fairly hard daily, parked outdoosr at night, and the wear and tear on the interior is very light. It rides like new and I get good gas mileage (18/22) for what it is. To trade it for another car would be giving away money. I expect to get 200K out of it before considering a change. (I have other Cadillacs that I use periodically, and my wife has a foreign car.) When I bought it I did so because I liked it. And I still like it. If something fails I can fix it for way less than a new vehicle, even if some of the parts are now lo longer available. But I guess what I enjoy the most is that other than those lousy Delco batteries (had five so far) the car is reliable and solid.

Cadillac Cust Svc
12-14-12, 04:02 PM
02603sec, I see you're getting the forum feedback you were seeking! If you have any vehicle concerns while you consider your options, please don't hesitate to send me a private message through the forum. I'm happy to investigate on your behalf!

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