: New to the v world need some help

12-07-12, 07:34 AM
Just bought my 05 cts-v a couple months ago I wanna black it out but need some help on exactly how to do so

12-07-12, 02:59 PM
There are many options for this!

The best approach is to take the factory grills, wheels, calipers and have them media blasted and powder coated. I paid $250 for my wheels, $50 for my grills and $200 for my calipers to get powder coated.

Another option is to plasti dip your grills and wheels, cheap and effective approach which a lot of members do, although not as durable.

You can also just paint using rattle cans from Duplicolor, although I would recommended not to go this approach, very labor intensive and does not hold up against chips. I painted my calipers black the first time then took them to get powder coated yellow just recently.

For your fog lights & Tail Lights the best approach is to take them to a body shop and have them smoke them for you, probably cost $200. Alternatively you can use VHT nightshades rattle can and clear over the top which is the approach I took, cheap and effective.

If you have any other questions let me know.

Here are my Before & After Shots:








12-10-12, 11:24 PM
What kind of headlights do you have ? I was thinking about tinting mine with the rattle can but I didn't know if that was the right approach to take or just get completely new ones that are allready smoked ?


Everything looks really good though

12-11-12, 01:07 PM
These are the headlights I have: http://www.ebay.com/itm/03-07-Cadillac-CTS-VIP-Black-CCFL-Halo-Projector-Headlights-Head-Lamps-Assembly-/140888134921?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3ACadillac%7CModel%3ACTS&hash=item20cd965509&vxp=mtr

I then painted the edges black when I got them and added aftermarket 6000k HID ballasts and bulbs from DDM: http://www.ddmtuning.com/

There is a thread here in this section about them which you should read. The rattle can works great if you take your time, I did a lot of my painting with rattle cans and VHT, including my engine bay and intake. I recommend clearing over the VHT though other wise it starts to look like crap, really dull after a few weeks.

12-11-12, 02:43 PM
Are those headlights easy to install? And do they come with the bulbs or would I have to but them deprecate, is it just all one assembly I take the olds one off and just put them on? Also what do you mean by VHT


Like do I have to convert anything for them to fit ?

12-11-12, 05:22 PM
Start with Reading through this thread: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-appearance/264529-cts-v-dual-halo-aftermarket-headlights.html

If you want HID's then you will have to order new ballasts and bulbs, I highly recommend DDM for this, and swap some wires around. It really isn't that difficult, that hardest part is getting the headlights off which requires dropping the front bumper cover, but even that isn't difficult in my opinion. If you need specific instructions on how to do so let me know and I can send you factory service manual copies of the procedure. Also good place for how-to's is here: http://www.cadillacfaq.com/

If you don't care about HID's then the headlights are plug and play with standard halogen bulbs.

This is VHT: http://www.vhtpaint.com/products/niteshades/