: Head Studs By Carroll Custom Cadillac

Carroll Cadillac
12-07-12, 02:43 AM
I would like to take a moment and say thanks to my Colleagues, General Motors, ARP and all those who have taken a personal interest in a perfect engineered design, creating the latest state of the art Northstar Head Studs to date.
Together we have produced an unmatched product, this product has given the confidence allowing us to give an unmatched warranty.

So, I sincerely appreciate all of you for an awesome '2012 this is the year our products went world wide!

here is to another great year in '2013!!!!

Now for the studs? We sell a stud "set" not to be confused with a "kit" the set consist of 20 high performance studs, 20 extreme hardened washers and 20 hardened hat styled lock down nuts.
Unlike other companies that like to market on" kits" supplying unnecessary tools such as a jig plate, we sell the stud set!
The 4 simple tools needed for this repair job are common tools, most mechanics have these in their toolbox and if not, Some will acquire them locally.

However, if and when someone needs us to supply these tools? We can accommodate them by selling these tools at cost with no markup!
The full instructions of drilling and tapping can be found on our site under the block studding page.

Our studs are universal for both pre '99 and post '2000
The complete set sells for 325. + shipping and handling.
Tools added only at the buyers request.

Again I want to thank you all, sincerely, Tim Carroll
Call to order anytime.
503-895-2124 or 360-949-9893
6610 NW 299th ST Ridgefield WA 98642