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12-22-04, 06:26 PM
Hello all. Been lurking here awhile and thought I would express my appreciation to all of you for the great wealth of information I have found here. Shortly before her death in October, my 90 year old mother gave me her 1993 Cadillac Deville Touring sedan. Knowing nothing about Cadillacs but eager to learn, I did a Google search and found you kind folks. The car has a little over 140,000 miles on it, but is a dream to drive. Overall, it is in remarkable condition. Body, engine, trans, interior all very sound. The alloy wheels needed a good cleaning, but other than that it looks great. The car is white, with tan (Beechwood ?) color leather seats. When I finish cleaning it up, will try to post a pic. The only problem is, my wife has all but abandoned her Monte Carlo and the Cad is seldom home. I must say it is a pleasure to drive and surely the most comfortable car I have ever owned.

Thanks to info found here, I have managed to fix a couple of minor problems. One being the power door locks would not operate with the doors open. Found the fuse in the dash relay box and replaced it. Also the twilight sensor wasnít working, so again, using info found on this site, fixed that. As simple as cleaning the sensor. Next comes repairing the power trunk release, which doesnít work. I have seen some suggestions here as to what the problem may be, but havenít had the time to pursue it. I fear that Cads are addictive, I find myself making up excuses to drive it. I am 60 years young and have been driving since I was 14 years old. (farm boy). In all those years, I have never driven anything that compares to this car.

Thanks again to all you great posters, you have been a big help.

12-22-04, 09:04 PM
Welcome Sooper!

Your kind words mean a lot to us here! Thank you. I hate to be the first to inform you that your (addition to cadillacs) starts right after the first drive! :yup: Sounds like a very nice, well maintained 93'. BTW 1993 was the first year for the Beechwood leather seat color.
Click here to find more history for 1993: http://100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1990/cad93d.htm.

Sorry for your loss. Enjoy your gift...remember the giver!
Thanks for joining the community.

12-27-04, 02:48 PM
Wecome to the board ! What`s up from Texas !

12-28-04, 06:56 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome! I must say this is a friendly as well as an informative place. Haven't had much time to detail the Cad between the much needed rain and my wife insisting on driving it. I am looking forward to detailing it. Doesn't need a lot, just a good cleaning/waxing and shampoo carpets. Thanks to all you kind folks here, I know the best products to use!
Thanks Paul for the link, good info there.
Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year from the wet and soggy San Joaquin Valley.

STS 310
12-29-04, 12:10 PM
Welcome Sooper and Hello from Southern California.

12-29-04, 07:04 PM
Welcome to the forums.

01-01-05, 10:32 PM
:D Welcome to teh site and I am glad it ahs helped you out. The Touring Sedans of that year are of my favorites. :welcome: