: 2000 catera overheating, fans not coming on.

12-06-12, 04:26 PM
I received this catera from a buddy of mine. It was taking up space in his mother's drive way and they just wanted it gone.

They are from Columbia, so language is a barrier for his mom.

I found out that the catera was over heating and boiled over out of the safety valve at the rear of the engine.

I did a block test through the coolant and it appeared negative. I tested it 3 different times. Also no milky substance in the oil. I didn't drain it. ... just inspection on the dip stick.

No fans coming on... Not even with ac on... so my questions are. ....

1. All fuses are good. Which relays should I check?

2. With all I have read, I discovered the k134 multi function is acting up. The radio, trunk, and fuel for release all not working. I have resoldered my xbox board, so I'll tackle it soon. Does the k134 have any affect on the fans?

3. Steps to check the fans?

4. What is this picture, what/where does this bracket go? Someone messed with it and didn't put it back. Also at the bottom of the switch, there is an open vacuum.

### not letting me post picture. ... I'll try a separate post.

Thanks in advance.


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12-06-12, 08:42 PM
When you say the coolant is coming out the safety valve in the rear of the engine, you mean the overflow tube on the coolant tank?

Is the water in the radiator hot? Just trying to see if your thermostat is functioning. The fans cool the radiator.

With no fans coming on at all, it seems like your temperature switches are not functional assuming all fuses are good.

It would be difficult to post a step by step procedure because there are three fans, two temperature switches, seven fan control relays and a fan resistor, aux water pump, etc. If a particular fan was not coming on, the steps could be manageable.

This thread has a lot of information about the fan relays and fuses:


12-07-12, 01:45 AM
also you said water/steam coming from the rear so it may be the HCV, which is common to fail, the heater control value is located to the rear of the engine just under the firewall

12-07-12, 06:19 AM
Check the diagram above for the relays. They are cheap & easy to replace.
I had the same problem on my '97 when I bought it. Lady said it was overheating with AC on.
I replaced 3 of the fan relays (13, 15, & 20) & now all the fans run as they should and 6 months later, still no overheating!
(3 relays was all Advance Auto had at the time, I just started pulling & replacing until the fans came on properly:))