: Why does the sunroof automatically close itself on exit, is there a setting for it?

12-06-12, 01:14 PM
I have noticed that everytime I exit my car the sunroof closes by itself, had the car for three years and thought this was normal. I have an 2005 3.6L 1SB. can this be changed? :suspense:

12-06-12, 01:21 PM
Wish mine did that! I'm always forgetting it in the tilted position, interested to see where this goes.

12-06-12, 01:26 PM
Its weird, when I shut the car off I hear a small beep and then the sunroof closes from any position, (tilt or open) its cool except when its warm and Im sitting in the car and I want to leave the roof open with the engine off. I looked for a setting (I have non NAV) but I cant seem to find anything!

12-06-12, 02:14 PM
That must be an aftermarket moonroof. None of the GM cars do this.

12-06-12, 02:36 PM
No, I have a RPO code (CF5 Sunroof, Power) on my build sheet. so Im confused.

12-06-12, 04:49 PM
Maybe some kind of 3rd party module?

12-06-12, 04:53 PM
I want that problem. Sunroof closes automatic?

12-06-12, 04:54 PM
After market alarm with window close feature?

12-06-12, 04:58 PM
No aftermarket anything, factory FOB and yes it closes a few seconds after turning the car off, im wondering if it was reprogramed with a tech 2 I read a few threads on that.

12-07-12, 01:24 AM
Post a pic of the switch.

Had a 98 with dealer installed roof that did that.

Factory roofs do not do that.

12-07-12, 03:52 AM
I don't know why exactly, but I'd be scared of a sun/moon roof that was installed post build. Whether it be a dealer or anyone else. Just seems like the integrity of the car has been compromised if after market. Plus I'd be more worried about leaks and un-needed wind noise while closed that may not have been there had it been done to begin with. I don't have a sunroof on my STS, but if I really wanted one, I'd simply trade my car for another STS that does before I get an after market job done.

12-07-12, 07:50 AM
Pics of headliner and switch and roof glass from outside will likely provide all needed info to confirm most of the thread.

12-07-12, 07:58 AM
Very nice feature you have, please show us your switch :)

12-07-12, 09:31 AM

I took the switch plate out last night to see if anything looked aftermarket so there is what my switches look like and thats the best picture i have of the car right now.

12-07-12, 09:55 AM
My Lincoln had an after-market sunroof (deal breaker on the sale). It auto-closed when the ignition was turned off but could be re-opened by hitting the switch if I was staying in the car. loved it. It never rattled or leaked.

12-07-12, 11:19 AM
I have an aftermarket sunroof on my sts, and it closes automatically when I shut off my ignition.
If I hit the close/open button while it closes, it will stop closing. Annoying, but it does the job.

12-07-12, 01:03 PM
<img src="http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=100838"/><img src="http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=100837"/>

I took the switch plate out last night to see if anything looked aftermarket so there is what my switches look like and thats the best picture i have of the car right now.

That's factory. Wonder if its a tech 2 program option?!

12-07-12, 01:06 PM
Man, I'd love for someone to find out this as a tech2 option......!

12-07-12, 01:19 PM
I've never in my life forgotten to close a sunroof. Lol. Every car I've ever owned, besides this STS ironically, has had a sunroof. And like I said, never forgot to close a one. Lol

12-07-12, 01:54 PM
That's factory. Wonder if its a tech 2 program option?!


Like I said I seen a few threads that said the tech II could reprogram the roof, I wish I would have saved the links to the threads, I saw them before I posted here. Im on the search to find them now. I also seen that the 2005 will not roll your windows up with the FOB (well some depending on build date) but if you put a tech II on it you can turn the option on that Cadillac disabled.

12-07-12, 02:13 PM
just out of curiousity how much does it cost to get an aftermarket sunroof installed and where would you go? dealer? body shop?

12-07-12, 02:25 PM
I have had aftermarket roofs in my cars before, my last was a 2002 DTS that got crushed in an accident,(This is my fifth cadillac) I had very good luck with it, no leaks beyond the normal (to the rain channels and drains with no leaks on the inside) with no wind noise, and that aftermaket roof did not close after the ignition was turned off, thats why I was so confused when everyone said I had an aftermarket roof when I know I have factory buttons on the headliner.

That being said, I dont know cost but a used roof off ebay is reasonable but I would go to a cadillac dealer or a bodyshop thats connected to a cadillac dealer, just make sure the bodyshop knows about cadillac and I think you would be fine.

12-07-12, 06:29 PM
The 2005 STS owners manual claims that you can close the windows by pressing the lock button on the fob, but as far as I know this feature was not available on the 2005 model year cars. I can find nothing about the sunroof.

12-08-12, 01:43 PM
The above has been thoroughly discussed. Early 2005 :( Late 2005 & early 2006 :) after option enabled w. Tech II. No joy on sunroof closing, too.

For the OP, when opened, does the roof only open two-thirds?

If the car has the RPO, I don't see how it could be a dealer-installed option.

12-08-12, 02:04 PM
Regarding open / close of windows. Maybe I'm imagining this but I thought you could get the rcldr ? From the newer STS and enable this feature with the tech 2.
My 08 cannot control the roof in any ways.