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After searching on here and google for quick set of instructions on it there were none to be found, so hope this helps someone in the future:
If you have an advance Auto in your area I suggest going on line to order and chose pick up at store. By buying online you can use their coupon codes, they always have a 15% off code on their site, you can also google for a 20% off code too. 20% off makes a nice difference.

1) Buy 6 quarts of 5w30 FULLY SYNTHETIC motor oil. I use only Mobil One Extended Performance. You can use Mobil 1 synthetic too but I like the extended performance as it is a little higher in detergents and I can go longer on my changes. You can use any brand but ONLY use 5w30 FULL SYNTHETIC, Do not use it if it says conventional OR synthetic blend. if it doesn't say FULLY Snythetic on the bottle than it is blend of both and do not use that.

Buy a good oil filter that has 99% efficiency. I always purchase Mobil 1 extended performance. The model # for the filter you need is M1-113. Our truck uses a fairly small oil filter but modern oil filters are smaller but just as good as those big honkin ones years ago.

You will need a drain pan, funnel, socket wrench, 15mm socket, OR 15mm monkey wrench, and either a universal oil filter wrench or what I use is a 76mm cap filter wrench

I like to change my oil when it's warm, do not do this when it's hot though or you will burn yourself as oil tends to get all over. Wait 30-40 mins for it to cool.

You do not need a lift or ramps to do your oil change. I am 6'4" 240lbs and I fit completely under my truck. Sometimes I will park it with my front wheels on the high point of my driveways sidewalk by the street right before it slopes down as this gives me another inch or 2 in the front for getting under there. i have also used a parking spot curb as a ramp too. But you CAN get fully under your truck with no help at all.

2) Bring your socket wrench with 15mm socket or regular 15mm wrench and oil pan under the car. Using the 15mm socket loosen the oil drain bolt. Do not use a deep socket for this bolt as you want a flat angle on the bolt and a deep socket will want to twist under really hard pressure, If the bolt will not loosen spray wd40 on it well and come back in an hour.
After the bolt breaks free hand loosen it the rest of the way, when it's nearly all the way out try to get your hand out of the way quickly for the oil that's going to rush out. let this drain for 10 mins. I like to get every drop out.

3) The oil filter is easy to get off with the 76mm 14 flute cap socket or a regular oil filter wrench. I usually loosen this half way, let the oil stream down the filter for 5 mins than go back and take it all the way off.

4) Examine the thread and the head of the oil drain bolt, if it is worn or threads broken DO NOT put it back on, get a new bolt. Put it back on and hand tighten the 15mm bolt, than use a socket wrench to finish it off.

5) Open a quart of your fresh oil, blot it on a fresh cloth or your fingertips if they are clean, now rub this fresh new oil on the rubber gasket that is on your new oil filter. Do not get any rocks or dirt on this, hand tighten it on where you removed your old filter. After you cant hand tighten it any more use the wench to turn it 1/2 or up to 1 full turn more. You want it tight but not too tight.

6) Using a funnel, add in 5 1/2 quarts of oil. Make sure your car is fairly level, turn it on for 30 sec. Now turn it off. Pull the yellow dipstick and clean it off, now reinsert it all the way down and pull it back out again. The oil level should be in the checkered lines. Add in the last 1/2 quart of oil and your done!

Turn the car on again, while its on look underneath for any oil leaking out. If not, than you are good to go

Return the old oil from the oil pan to the oil containers your new oil came in. Put them in a plastic bag and bring these back to the auto parts store. The store will take it back for free and have it recycled.

Make sure to reset your oil life monitor. Our oil life monitors are actually very good, they are not just some button you push and it counts the miles you drive. Using this to determine when to change oil next is the best method. Modern engines do not need oil changes every 3,000 this sticker put on people's windows to remind them of their next oil change is a flat out lie. The service interval is 7,500-12,500 on our vehicles using full synthetic. Depending on how and where you use your car the change oil message will pop up roughly around 9k miles. Mobil 1 Extended Performance is rated at 15,000 miles.

You should also check or replace your air filter now too. It has a star key on the air box but you will have no problem unscrewing them with a small flat head screwdriver.

Typical oil change for our vehicle goes for $100. You just saved yourself some $$ but more importantly you now know exactly what oil was put in the engine. At these shops they use what ever is cheapest and even if you pay for synthetic you don't really know if that's what they put it.

After your first oil change, the next one's take max 15 mins. You have earned your man badge for today, time to open a cold one ;)

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Great info.
Thanks for sharing...

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Another nice write up. :) I fill the new filter with as much new oil as it will take, that way it has a chance to soak into the synthetic media in the filter.