: High Tech Cars

12-04-12, 08:57 PM
Well, according to Comcast, there are 7 high tech cars that overshadow James Bond's cars. I'm getting excited to see our XTS with its high tech CUE system listed as number one...number two?....number three?.....We are NOT on the list!:crying2: I'm dismayed and disheartened. We have complained about the complexity of the "new" technology; we have traditional Caddy people unhappy with the tech stuff; Heck, we were give an iPad to help figure out the complex techno stuff on our cars AND it's not even making the list!:annoyed: Are we bamboozling(sic) ourselves? Are we admitting that we are not quite as bright as we thought we were? Maybe, we should just hide and quit complaining?:yup: OR maybe, we should stand up and enjoy our XTS! I know I am!:D:D

If you're interested, the cars include the jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford fiesta, Mini Cooper< Honda Odyssey, Audi S5, and Lexus GS350.