: Camaro SS rims fit cts sedan?

12-04-12, 08:29 PM
Just doing some searching around and curious if the 2010 Camaro ss rims would fit our cts sedans.

The front wheel size is 20x8 and rear is 20x9. On paper, it seems as though this would fit however I am curious if anyone has ever tried it and better yet, if they have pictures to share!

Thanks in advance for any replies.

12-04-12, 10:16 PM
Never tried it, never will. Do a little research on the bolt pattern and offset of the camaro wheels, and you will definitely have your answer. Rest assured, there are a ton of useful threads on wheels, even just within the first 2 pages.

12-04-12, 10:39 PM
The recommended offset ranges are way off. They would probably stick out past the fenders

12-06-12, 12:09 AM
It's been done and pictures were posted on this forum. You should find them if you do a search.

12-06-12, 11:48 AM
Thanks for the reply. Did a search and found that some users with the 19' wheels got them to work.