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12-22-04, 12:55 PM
Hiya, (This is going to be quite long but for some of you this is your first GB so I am going to explain it all very thoroughly)
I am very happy to announce and excellant Group Buy with Ultimate Pedals (http://www.ultimatepedals.com) on their really cool line of produts for the CTS-V.

Basically you can buy any product for the cts-v and ultimatepedals has agreed to give a whopping 35% off. These pedals are high quality and guarenteed.....Other forum members really enjoy the product.

Now down to the nitty gritty. Having the V emblem engraved is an extra $10...Having the Cadillac Emblem is an extra $15. They can also engrave initials or custom emblems etc etc. The pedals will have the 35% discount, all engraving will not.

The engravings should look like the images attached (Remember this is a mock up not the real product) NO COLOR IN THE ENGRAVING, it is just an engraving

The group buy is active of now, and the last day for ordering is January 15th (I know this is late but I try to give everyone two pay days in order to get in on it....also if someone owes you a christmas present its a great oppurtunity for them to get in on it)

The items will be shipped January 20th-21st. (All pieces have to be custom made and depending on how many orders it may be the 21st but we are shooting for the 20th.)

Shipping charges will be their normal prices......

So now that all that stuff is done, How do I get my Discount?

Preferably, if you have a pretty straight forward order, please use their website. Their V Line can be ordered here (http://www.ultimatepedals.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=26_165)
Specify your vehicle, the Cadillacowners group buy, as well as any engraving options during the checkout process when you are asked to indicate year, make, and model.

If you don't mention the Cadillacowners group buy you'll get your pedals quickly, but not discounted.

Also, with the website you wont see the discount automatically, and you will get a confirmation email pretty quickly. That email will not have the discount applied to it, DONT FREAK OUT....You are not charged until the items are shipped, and the set up of the system cannot compute a discount, it has to be manually accounted for. So when the items are ready to be shipped, you will get a second email. This email should have the proper discounted price, at this point you card will be charged the discounted price.

You can also call them, please try to use their website unless you really hate internet shopping or you have a custom order or a bunch of questions, it takes up a lot of manpower to answer questions by phone, and even the most straightforward order can take 5-10 minutes over the telephone, and that is time people could be using for a better purpose.

I should point out ultimatepedals.com is not a GM product, but hey neither is cadillacforums, so its all good.

Just Click here to order (http://www.ultimatepedals.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=26_165)

Sorry for the very lengthy instructions, but I hate when there is not enough info.

12-22-04, 04:01 PM
Just placed mine

All 4, frosted anti-slip

12-22-04, 06:57 PM
So if I'm figuring this right........

All pedals frosted anti-slip with V logo engraving

Gas = $53 -35% = $34.45 + $10 V emblem engrave = $44.45 net

Brake & Clutch = $69 - 35% = $44.85 + $10 V emblem engrave = $54.85 net

Parking Brake = $25 - 35% = $16.25 + $10 V emblem engrave = $26.25 net

Total = $146.19 with shipping.

GREAT UPGRADE!!!! I'm in!!! Ordered tonight!! :thumbsup:

12-22-04, 11:43 PM

Kudos, stellar job on the discount.

I ordered 4 pieces :)

12-24-04, 02:22 AM
Good job on the GB! Nice hearty discount...

Placed an order for all 4 today (Christmas Eve!). Merry christmas to me...

12-24-04, 03:25 PM
thank you soo much on your efforts!!!!! and thanks again to ultimate pedals. ordered all 5

12-27-04, 01:38 PM
Ordered 4;

BUILDINGCTSAMG, thanks for making this happen. This Forum and the people on it are awesome.

12-28-04, 03:13 PM
Thanks for making this happen! I had been thinking that machined pedals have been the main thing that the interior had been missing. I ordered the four pedals and the footrest...thanks again

12-29-04, 06:29 PM
Just placed my order for 4 pedals + the footrest

Thanks Build....

12-31-04, 02:18 PM
Just purchased a set. This is exactly what I posted in my 'notes' section:

Cadillacowners group buy (35% discount on pedals). 2005, Cadillac, CTS-V. Engrave V logo on all pedals + foot rest (should be 5 in total).

1 x Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Parking Brake Pedal Finish: Frosted Anti-Slip ($25.00 * .65) + $10.00 (Engraved V Logo) = $26.25
1 x Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Gas Pedal Finish: Frosted Anti-Slip ($53.00 * .65) + $10.00 (Engraved V Logo) = $44.45
1 x Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Driver Footrest Flanged Finish: Frosted Anti-Slip ($74.00 * .65) + $10.00 (Engraved V Logo) = $58.10
1 x Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Brake Clutch Pedals Finish: Frosted Anti-Slip ($69.00 * .65) + $10.00 * 2(Engraved V Logo) = $64.85

United Parcel Service (1 x 2.09lbs) (Ground) $10.94

Expected Total: $204.59

Thanks for all your effort,


01-02-05, 01:11 PM
Just ordered Brake/Clutch/footrest/gas/parking brake pedals. Thanks for organizing this great buy.

01-02-05, 10:53 PM
Just ordered 5 pieces with V emblem on each. Thanks for a great buy.

01-04-05, 03:06 PM
Ordered 5 pieces with V emblem on all but the e-brake. Thanks for setting this up. First major mod on my new V (350 miles & going)...

01-06-05, 09:58 PM
I can't stand the wait. January 20th!? I can't take it. :banghead:

01-07-05, 01:01 AM
You know im gonna call tom and see if these will fit a regular cts.....The gas pedal and the foot rest seem the same...I know the brake wont work...I would think the manual trans on the cts has the same pedals as the cts-v anyone know for sure?

01-07-05, 12:46 PM
So there is no brake pedal for my non-V CST? Seems like it would look strange to get the gas, parking brake, and foot rest and not the brake.

I am worried about decreasing the distance between the gas and the brake. Don't want to do one of those old man things and hit the gas when I want the brake!! :bonkers:

01-08-05, 12:50 AM
Scott the V only comes in a Manual, the regular can come in either a manual or an automatic. The brake is not the same size, I forgot to call (ok sometimes im an idiot) but i will call tom (I promise) and see if he can make us one for us non v guys

01-11-05, 08:02 PM
Im in !

Frosted Anti-slip all around
Clutch/Brake (same)
Heel/Toe Extension Gas
Heel Rest
Flandged Footrest
Cadi/V/LS6 logos

:drinker Warning... drinking and this forum can be expensive !!!

Excellent Discount as well. Thanks for the efforts in getting it done. :cheers:

01-12-05, 12:40 AM
Just placed my order.

1 xCadillac CTS/CTS-V Parking Brake Pedal
- Finish: Frosted Anti-Slip $25.00
1 xCadillac CTS/CTS-V Gas Pedal Heel Toe Extension Left Side
- Finish: Frosted Anti-Slip $68.00
1 xCadillac CTS/CTS-V Brake & Clutch Pedals
- Finish: Frosted Anti-Slip $69.00

Thanks for organizing this!

... and thanks to Ultimate Pedals!

01-15-05, 11:36 PM
Under the wire 1/15/05...

1 x Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Driver Footrest Flanged (881) = $74.00
Finish Frosted Anti-Slip
1 x Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Parking Brake Pedal (885) = $25.00
Finish Frosted Anti-Slip
1 x Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Gas Pedal (882) = $53.00
Finish Frosted Anti-Slip
1 x Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Brake & Clutch Pedals (879) = $69.00
Finish Frosted Anti-Slip

"V" logo only on the gas pedal.

Thanks for the great effort!

01-16-05, 02:45 AM
Ok this should now be closed, although if you call first thing monday you may still be able to get in on it.....i will call around wed to see how its going

01-20-05, 11:16 PM
Any word from Ultimate Pedals on shipping? Just curious, impatient, ardent, excited, etc.

01-21-05, 11:21 AM
Hey guys, very apologetically it was explained to me that they are a few days behind because of the large amount of purchases and custom engraving....he hopes to have them shipped by wed. I know this is a few days later then we planned, and I know everyone is really excited, but dont forget these are custom pieces that you really cant find elsewhere....so keep patient, I am really sorry that they need the few extra days, and they are very sorry about being behind. As of now all the gas pedals are entirely done, and they are pretty close to finishing up the other pieces.

You guys are gonna love these pieces or your money back afterall.

01-21-05, 11:24 AM
Hey, we waited this long...thanks for the update.

01-26-05, 05:42 PM
Everything is shipping today and tom. (Wed & Thursday)

01-27-05, 01:56 PM
I think I want in on this next round of this, looks great, need more installed pics when you guys get them.


01-28-05, 10:11 PM
Received mine tonight. Great workmanship -- can't wait to get them installed (next couple of days).