: Damage before purchase

12-03-12, 01:29 PM
Just had the end of lease inspection for my 2010 SRX. The inspector pointed out that the hood and a door panel were previously repaired. He used a color meter to check every panel, noting that two were different than the rest of the car. He then showed me the slight bubbling on the hood indicating rust under the paint from the previous repair. I have never had any damage or repair. This obviously occurred before I took delivery 3 years ago. Naturally I am quite annoyed. They wrote me up for $206 of excess wear and tear to fix the hood. What recourse do I have? How do I prove I never had any damage?

12-03-12, 05:40 PM
"He then showed me the slight bubbling on the hood indicating rust under the paint from the previous repair."
Just a side note about the rust on your hood---my hood on 2011 SRX is aluminum, as was my CTS !!!

12-03-12, 05:47 PM
Caddy has been using aluminum hoods for a long time. Trunk lids too.
The 2000 deville was aluminum. I would fight this. Look at almost any Pontiac Bonneville you will find they had issued with bubbling paint on the hood. There were TSBs about that and it was determined to be improper preparation and of the hood and the application of the primer. I would fight this as factory defects. Not sure about the door though.

12-03-12, 05:49 PM
It could have also been damaged at the dealer, or during transit before delivery and they fixed it. I've read they don't have to disclose $500 or $1000 in repairs on new vehicles. Since you are returning it to the same dealer I wonder if they did the repairs if they note it down for when it comes back in from lease to recoup their cost. How shady does the dealer seem?

12-03-12, 05:57 PM
This brings up an interesting question...

If you do damage to a lease and have it well repaired, is it likely that lease inspectors are going to find it?

I have had leases that have had some damage done to them, but I have always taken them to a good body shop and had everything looking like new upon return. I am wondering how aggressive inspectors have gotten recently.

12-03-12, 06:26 PM
I really want to say this sounds like the dealer noted it and planned to blame the customer when it was due. Friend of mine was charged 500 for surface scratches on the trunk mounted cd changer in their beetle that they leased back in 2005.

12-03-12, 07:46 PM
Wouldn't the damage show up on a Carfax?

12-03-12, 07:48 PM
When you take a car to a body shop, is that vehicle reported in a database?

12-03-12, 10:01 PM
Not that I know of. Doesn't show on car-fax unless that bodyshop does. Sometimes a police report would also get it on there.

12-03-12, 10:03 PM
I guess the ultimate recourse is that they lose you as future customer and they deal with poor word of mouth advertising. Over a couple hundred a wise dealer would cut losses and fold to you. Because you'll likely be back to spend more than you "cost" them.

12-03-12, 11:36 PM
If you are dealing with the selling dealer I would demand a printout of all the service history from the dealership as well as a printout of all the warranty history from GM. I would also ask for a statement signed by the dealer principal that the printouts are complete and are a total history of all the data they have.

If the dealership has nothing to hide they would have no objection to this request.