View Full Version : seattle area toy run at pacific raceways

12-03-12, 09:35 AM
Did anybody go to the Toys for Tots toy run at Pacific Raceways this past sunday? I went (took my mustang though) and it was full of hondas,v dubs,and subaru and a spattering of random older japanese cars. There was one cadillac coming in as I was leaving.

12-10-12, 06:47 AM
How times have changed.
I remember riding thru town in my parents Sedan De Ville and seeing myriad Cadillacs, Lincolns, Mercurys and Buicks. Now its Hondas, Lexus and Audi.

11-29-14, 10:51 PM
going to toys for tots toyrun this year taking the cadillac if I can get the f'ing thing to start from cold.

11-30-14, 12:46 AM
Sweendog, where you digging up these old threads?:histeric: