: Dealer ripoffs

12-02-12, 06:05 PM
Found a guy trying to sell 02 DTS with no motor. He ruined motor. Paid a friend to try and fix motor. Than he had friend try and install used motor and that failed. Says a lot of parts are in backseat? He was pretty vague. Never did find out what parts r in backseat. Found a 2k deville with bad heads. Guy says he bought it for 8k and car overheated after 100 miles. Dealer says no warranty. He wants 5k for car. Bummer.

12-02-12, 09:10 PM
$5000 for an 2000 with bad HG's? What he wants and what he gets are two vastly different things (unless he covers it up to unload it). Reality will eventually set in.

12-02-12, 10:35 PM
I took my TBSS to the local Buick GMC Cadillac dealer for a front end issue (I have a great extended warranty). They call me with a $1,700 bid telling me that the warranty won't cover it and the $1,700 was a starting point with no guarantee it would not need more to correct. Pulled the car and took it to the local suspension shop, $608 repair and it was under warranty.

Dealer ripoff.