: codes

12-22-04, 08:35 AM
I think i accessed the diag correct on my 96 sts. If so im getting 3 codes ac1340 tc 0073 and pc 1644 my problem is my traction control light comes on then is seems like it doesnt allow the trans to use 1st geatr, i also can hear a hum that sounds like a worn tire tread , gets louder at higher speeds anyone know what these codes stand for?

12-22-04, 12:52 PM
i get the same thing but my abs light also comes on at the same time and no hum for me. but when it rains the lights stay off and everything works fine. :bonkers:

12-22-04, 07:14 PM
You can find the codes here.
When a T/C fault is detected T/C is disabled and the trans defaults to 2nd gear starts. Swing the wheel left and right, like a NASCAR driver warming tires as suggested by Mcowden in another post. That will diagnose the bearings.