: Cue not playing correct iPod Playlist song when selected

12-02-12, 04:03 PM
Just attached my iPod to the USB connection inside the center armrest.

CUE recognized the music from the iPod, including all my playlists.

However, when I went to a particular playlist I first was dismayed to find songs not listed in alphabetical order.

Next, when I selected a particular song, CUE played something else in the playlist.

Now, I am going to hold off saying this is a definitive problem because while I was doing all this I could still see a SYNC ANIMATION indicator at the top of the screen showing that the music was being synced to CUE. So, I am hoping all these problems are related to the fact that it takes time for all of the music to correctly sync up between the iPod and CUE.

Anyone have any similar experiences?