: aftermarket performance chips.......

02-02-03, 12:38 AM
Anybody have any experience? Have found Fastchips, and Superchips with applications for the Northstar. If any body has used, or still does use, what are your findings in performance as well as fuel economy?

02-04-03, 06:24 PM
Well, i am faily sure that chips are not available for OBD-II. Although, i have heard that once you install one of these, you HAVE to use premium. Obviously, it isnt going to IMPROVE fuel economy, but it probably wont decrease it much, if at all.

02-08-03, 08:57 PM
Talked with tech reps at both companies and learned that they basically lean the fuel a bit, bump the timing and shift points some. Said it won't increase fuel economy but won't decrease either.

02-08-03, 10:03 PM
any news on the obdii performance chips?

02-08-03, 10:11 PM
TMK, no available chips for OBDII. I guess cadillac made it somehow tamper proof or something.

02-08-03, 10:17 PM
well obdii is an universal system not cadillac's fault.

02-08-03, 10:20 PM
Right. STUPID OBDII. I think that the reason that they cant change it is because it is all integrated, you cant change just 1 chip. Like its all integrated on the circuit boards. I heard you can buy an entirely new computer, for like 1000.

02-08-03, 10:34 PM
i miss the gtp. performance PCM replacement was less than 350

02-08-03, 10:44 PM
Isnt that the same price as the chips? If in fact you are buying the entire PCM, then that wouldnt make any sense

02-09-03, 12:03 AM
well after you install the pcm you have to return the old one.

here is the price from grandprixstore
97~00 259.99
01+ 359.99 (this includes the shift knob kit that allows you to turn on the peformance mode using a little button. Pre01 had the button on the shift knob for performance shift)
core charge is $75 and you have to return the core within 14days.

here are the benefits
-Speed limiter raised to 255 MPH (Z-rated tires required)
-Increased transmission fluid line pressure for firmer shifts
-Shifts at 5800 RPM at WOT (optimal setting)
-Allows skipshifts 4-2 and 3-1 (stock calibration will not skip gears)

02-09-03, 09:52 AM
I stand corrected. I dont really know much about that kind of stuff, and really i dont plan on doing anything like that because it can void warranties.

02-10-03, 12:33 PM
The big issue is whether there is a big enough market for it.
With the advent of PCMs, you don't just replace a "chip", you re-flash the PCM. Trouble is, you need a computer program to do it. I have one for my car that is based on it having an LT1. There's a program for this because there is such a huge market for it. On the other hand, I doubt there's much of a market for that type of product for Cadillacs w/Northstars.

02-10-03, 01:38 PM
what about hypertech like devices? I know it works for the obdii suburban but will it work for our cads?

02-10-03, 02:18 PM
If they include the VIN's for the Cadillacs, it would work just fine. The problem I had was HyperTech did NOT include Cadillac because (in their words) they don't believe there's enough demand for hot-rodding Cadillacs to justify the cost of adding them to their software.
So I bought LT1-Edit, a software pack that DOES work on Cadillacs.

03-19-06, 03:06 AM
I have a 97 eldo.4.6 northstar I would love to make into a hot rod. The flowmasters made a big difference in power but I would love to have more horses. Any ideas?

03-21-06, 03:55 PM
KATSHOT, will that program you have work on the Northstars? I have a 99 deville and if your program will work on my car, i need to buy it!

03-21-06, 07:06 PM
no Katshot has the LT1 engine in his caddy and his is rear wheel drive totally different programming