: My other project

12-22-04, 03:54 AM
Well if anybody is interested, this is my other project besides my caddy... Its a 1978 pontiac firebird esprit, but we're turning it trans-am... plus we have a deadline, it has to be mint in about four months, to make matters more harsh all of the ordered parts were on back order for about a month already... i still need to update the page but heres the link...


it uses some heavy duty java script so on some computers (well my labtop anyway) the slideshows may run slow, very very slow... it may be time to reformat my labtop's hard drive lol

Also Those pictures were taken with my camra, that means that i am behind the camera and that is not me in the pictures, well its my hand in the patchwork part and i did the patchwork. and no i am not Mr. Perrins,lol

12-22-04, 05:21 PM
nice. my dad had a 76 trans am but he had to get rid of it after i was born. my mom said she married him for the trans am. haha :rolleyes2 . keep us updated on the car. sounds like it will be nice. you gonna put a 6.6 ltr in her?

12-22-04, 05:29 PM
Looks like you got your work cut out for you. I thought I had rust. I hope you like welding :)

I wanna see 'after' pics, should be a nice ride when finished :thumbsup:

12-22-04, 05:43 PM
It currently has a 305 engine in it with a two barrel carb, but we are gonna put a four barrel on it. A 6.6 liter on it would eat too much gas in a place where gas already costs us $2.56 a gallon, heh and the east coast is complaining with their $1.98. The door, even though its a peice of crap, is going to have to be repaired and reused because we couldnt find and at a decent price to ship over here... we tried using a camaro door of the same year but its a little over an inch too long, so if you tried to close the door it would rip the fender off or if you tried to open the door it would make a dent in the fender. As for the paint job its going to be gun metal gray with two black racing stripes.

12-22-04, 08:04 PM
pretty cool post some pics when it is done. It sounds like it is going to be great! :thumbsup:

good as new.

12-22-04, 08:12 PM
my dad had the 6.6 in his. ive seen the pictures of it and man he kept that car in perfect shape. sold it in 1985 for 3,500.00. pretty nice chunk of change back then i guess.