View Full Version : 98 seville STS cutom questions

12-22-04, 02:05 AM
Hey i just joined this site great place. Anyways im looking for some after market parts to custom my 98 seville sts and have a few questions. First is 20 the biggest rime i can fit on my car with out rubbing and is this the correct lug pattern 5-115 and 4 1/2. Also has anyone seen or know how i could get some clear tail lights for this vechile and im also looing for a HID light kit for the head lights. I apperciate any help.

12-22-04, 02:25 AM
Hey, whats up. I bought my HID kit from http://www.xenonfactory.com/ . I've had the bulbs and ballasts in for about a year now and they work great. I've seen 20" rims on an STS before, but one thing you have to remember is, that although they may look really nice, they put extra wear on the struts. My struts went out, and I spent $1600 to have them replaced. Trust me, you never, ever want to have to do that. You will also have a very harsh ride also. I don't believe anyone makes clear tail lights for the STS. If you want to spend the money, might I suggest the Corsa exhaust-


I'm not sure if your are just looking for stuff that looks and sound good or actuall performance. If your looking for performance oriented mods, there ins't much but I do have a few link for companies that sell some good stuff for the STS.