View Full Version : Anyone have a clue what this is ?

12-01-12, 11:36 AM
Had the brakes and a new set of tires put on yesterday, got home and this fell off in the driveway - sigh..

12-01-12, 12:23 PM
Looks like a handle for a ducks' nest. lol

That does look like a part from your car.

12-01-12, 04:32 PM
hard to tell... maybe a spacer or holder of some sort for the brake lines? maybe its nothing......

12-01-12, 04:47 PM
its a device to tighten bands when palletizing things. It was probably part of the bands your tires were banded together with although I have no idea how it could have made its way onto your car then fallen off in your driveway



12-01-12, 05:30 PM
baggedlvintegra you are good, looks exactly like that - hopefully nothing underneath the truck uses these to hold things together :) Thanks all for the feedback, guess I'll trash it.

12-01-12, 05:40 PM
The only explanation I can thing of is maybe the tech used the nylon strap / banding to help support the caliper when he was doing the brakes and maybe somehow it got left on the vehicle and later fell off.....any how yeah just trash it, it definitely doesn't belong on the vehicle :)

12-01-12, 05:55 PM
Holy shpoople, very fortunate that that thing didn't get all caught up in your wheels/brakes/spokes/hub as you were driving ... that could have caused quite a bit of damage.

12-01-12, 09:05 PM
Or it could of just got caught in the tire tread while driving home.