: On Board diag?

12-21-04, 11:48 PM
Ranger thank you for the reply, but im not sure how to acess the onboard diag. do i need a code reader of some kind or will it come up on the dash display? Thank you scott

12-21-04, 11:52 PM
Ranger, I forgot to mention that im experiencing a slight noise that sounds like a worn tire tread while driving as if it had agressive truck tires but not as loud, it does not increase with engine rpm or only speed, does not go away when shift into nuetral. Could this be associated with traction control light in some way or do i have 2 problems? thanks again scott

12-22-04, 01:54 AM
do a search for on board diagnostic and the year of your car and it should tell you what you need to know

12-22-04, 01:47 PM
Scottm -

The sound you're describing, does it get better or worse when you turn the wheel one way or the other? For instance, does it get quieter when you go around a curve to the left or get louder when you go around a curve to the right? Trying to rule out a wheel bearing. If it gets worse when you curve one way or the other, it's the bearing opposite the direction of the curve. So if you curve to the right and it gets worse, it's the left bearing. If the bearing is getting hot, it could have damaged the wheel speed sensor, and that would cause the traction light to come on. In that case, replacing the bearing/hub will solve both problems because the speed sensor is built into it. See what the codes say. If it's a wheel speed sensor, I'm going for the bearing theory.