: Used Northstar powertrains-FS

Harry Yarnell
11-30-12, 08:58 AM
I've got 5 powertrains I'm tripping over. Out they go.
These are '95-'98 engine/transaxle units and are complete, BUT I have no idea whether they're any good (they're not locked up).
They were pulled from parts cars.
I'm going to be conservative an call them 'cores'.
If not sold, I'll break them down for parts and scrap aluminum.
Located in NE Maryland.

11-30-12, 11:39 AM

12-02-12, 06:00 PM
I bet most of the combos have good trans/bad motors.

12-05-12, 03:39 AM
I wish you were closer.

12-07-12, 04:27 PM
Me too. That is DIRT CHEAP!!