: 2007 escalade heated seat connector and pins, part numbers needed. Melted connector!

11-29-12, 06:29 PM
Greetings folks,
My heated seats went out on my 07, and thanks to posts here at the forum, found
one of the wires melted inside the connector going to the seat module under the passengers seat.
Does anyone have the part numbers for the larger 12 pin connector (black), and also the
pins (female) used in that connector (2 sizes)? It's getting cold, and I would really like to fix this asap.
Has anyone had luck in just bending the existing pin so it gets a better connection?
The wire shows signs of melting, but not that bad, the inside of the connector is melted at the pin,
but I think I can possibly bend the pin. Is there some secret on getting the connector apart?
Also thought of jamming a very small piece of metal into the female socket, to make the pin
connect better to the male part on the module.
That would be temporary, until I can find the right part numbers for the connector and pins.
There are 2 sizes of pins in there, so I really need all 3 part numbers, (both female pins and the connector)

11-29-12, 09:44 PM
Chris at Rippy Cadillac is probably the person you wish to speak to. Send him a PM, bet he can help you. Good luck!!

12-04-12, 07:50 PM
OK, finally some success getting the seats to work.
With the one pin that was melted to the connector, I was able to use a very small sharp screwdriver to pry the pin
away from the melted part, and managed to bend it down closing up the gap, and making a better connection to the male pin
on the seat module. I cleaned up the male pin on the module, and put it all back together...SUCCESS!!
Now my seats are working normally again!
If your pin isn't that badly melted to the connector, this will work!
I was going to replace the connector and pins, but thought that would just bring it back to factory, and we know that
fails anyway, so why bother? It's a 5 minute fix, including taking the module out.
I was so happy to see that melted pin! At least I knew where the problem was.
Thanks to the posts here at the forum, I was able to fix my truck with little to no knowledge of how to do it.
I love forums and all the folks that post up the fixes for people like us, so we can fix our vehicles with little or NO cost!
This is the second time that forum posts have brought me to the exact connector and pin causing the problem.
The first one was a fix for my interior lights on my old Eldo, one guy posted the exact pin and wire that was failing BEHIND
the fuse box, that I never would have figured out on my own.
Thanks Cadillac Forums, and those folks who share their fixes here to save us all some serious coin and headaches!
I love this forum, thanks to all you guys!